Travel & leisure wish list

2009 (1)

We have a list with things that we want to achieve or visit, we call it our travel & leisure wish list, since I don’t like to call this a bucket list…… The things which are on this list are not all but mostly travel related. This is a list of goals we like to achieve or visit together. There are also some things which one of us already has experienced or completed but as I mentioned this list is about experiencing things together, after all that is the beauty of having a soul mate.

Below you can find our list with 102 goals, which has been created before this blog started so a few goals are already completed/achieved.

  1. Renew our wedding vows at a (holiday) beach location
  2. Ride in a hot air balloon
  3. Help a stranger in need
  4. Purchase our own home                                 Moved in Nov 2015
  5. Have a road trip in Canada
  6. Swim with whale sharks
  7. Camp a night on the beach
  8. Learn how to use chopsticks                         December 2014
  9. Picking grapes at a vineyard                         April 2012 & April 2014
  10. Wear a snake around my neck
  11. Sleep in a tree house
  12. Volunteer for charity
  13. Visit the Galapagos Islands
  14. Visit Cuba                                                          Booked for Dec 2017
  15. Road trip the US
  16. Go on a cruise
  17. Complete a multiple day hike                       Thorsborne Trail, Sept 2013     Hinchinbrook
  18. Have a campfire at the beach
  19. Buy a same day ticket to a foreign country
  20. Walk behind a waterfall
  21. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge                   July 2014
  22. See the Great Wall of China
  23. See Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay
  24. Watch turtles hatch and run for the ocean
  25. Have a Henna tattoo
  26. Go on a road trip for at least 60 days
  27. Watch a movie in a drive-in theatre
  28. Spend a night in a castle
  29. See the Northern Lights
  30. See the Southern Lights
  31. See penguins in the Antarctic
  32. Have a ride on a double decker bus
  33. Go skydiving
  34. Visit and active volcano
  35. Complete a sport event for charity (walk/run etc.)
  36. See Lapland in winter
  37. Ride a dune buggy in the desert
  38. Swim with dolphins
  39. Visit Machu Picchu in Peru
  40. Fly in a classic airplane
  41. Visit the Grand Canyon
  42. Kiss under the Mistletoe
  43. Visit a rodeo
  44. Go kayaking
  45. See the cherry blossom in Japan
  46. Go fishing
  47. Visit the Australian Open finals
  48. Drink Vodka in an ice bar
  49. Ride a bike in Vietnam                                                 December 2014
  50. Learn how to start a fire without matches
  51. Spend 1 night in a cave or underground
  52. See Torres del Paine                                                    Booked for Dec 2018
  53. Hike at least 10 km a day for 7 days in a row
  54. Eat insects                                                                       Cambodia, December 2014   Insects
  55. Visit Purnululu NP (Bungle Bungles) in Australia
  56. Visit New York                                                            June 2016
  57. Write an old fashion love letter
  58. Ride a camel on Cable Beach WA, Australia
  59. Visit the Cook Islands
  60. Have a flying lesson
  61. Ride the world’s longest roller coaster
  62. Walk on a glacier                                                      Dec 2018?
  63. Eat Mexican in Mexico                                            Dec 2017?
  64. Have a road trip through various countries, what about driving over the Pan American Highway?!?
  65. Throw a dart on the world map and travel to this destination
  66. Climb a mountain
  67. Fly business or first class
  68. Have a kiss in a photo booth
  69. Pay for someone’s groceries
  70. Visit the Niagara Falls                                                   June 2016
  71. Celebrate Christmas oversees                                     Cambodia 2014
  72. Have a skinny dip
  73. Robe swing into water
  74. Travel by helicopter
  75. Visit all seven continents                             So far: Australia, Europe, Asia, North America
  76. Bake a birthday cake for someone special                 June 2014
  77. Learn how to surf
  78. Let someone else choose our travel destination
  79. Sleep under the stars
  80. Learn how to play golf
  81. Cross the Nullarbor                                                     Nov & Dec 2016
  82. Stay in an overwater bungalow
  83. Go camping in the snow
  84. Make a snow angel
  85. Visit the extremes of Australia (Southern, Northern, Eastern, Western, Central, lowest & highest point)
  86. Visit a Broadway musical in NY
  87. Change the life of a child
  88. Spend a night in ridiculous luxurious hotel
  89. Set of a lantern in the sky
  90. Own a great self-suffcient camping set-up       Done! We are all set-up as of July 2016.
  91. Take cooking classes in another country
  92. See the big 5 (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, buffalo)
  93. Visit a fortune teller
  94. Spend New Year eve in Sydney
  95. Complete a basic car mechanic course
  96. Learn how to clean a fish
  97. Roll off a sand dune
  98. Eat a typical Australian bush tucker meal
  99. Go dog sledding
  100. Visit Ice’s land Blue Lagoon
  101. Attach a lock to a love bridge
  102. Live Our Life!

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