When to book tickets to Europe???


It is crucial to book your tickets at the right time. But what is the right time? If we would know the answer to this question, than we would always pay the lowest amount for all our tickets. But unfortunately we don’t know.
There is a reason to check Skyscanner or any other website, so often as we do (once every fortnight). I will give you an example that it does matter when you book your tickets!

For example:

Our flights Melbourne-Amsterdam, December 2015 – Jan 2016, were booked 26 January 2015 and we paid $4019 for two tickets with Singapore airlines. If we would have booked these tickets on 20 July  2015 for exactly the same airline, dates and time, we would have paid $5433.  And if we would do the same today, we would have paid $5599. We did save a lot of money by booking so long in advance.

I am not saying that we did get the cheapest deal by booking that early, although I do believe that the Christmas period is a time which would require to book early, even if it just to ensure that you can fly on the dates when you want to fly. And I am also aware that there are cheaper deals with different airlines and longer layover times. We however are limited with time and don’t want to waste too much time at airports, no that is not luxury travel that is to us smart traveling. Long layover times usually result in a few exhausted days at the start of your holiday and that is what we want to avoid. Singapore airlines is the airline which takes the least amount of time and we don’t think twice if we can get a relatively good deal.

We always have a golden rule:

If the price is right for your budget, just lock it in! Bad luck if the prices do drop, but at least it is within your budget.

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Singapore_Airlines

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