Camp stretcher

A stretcher in your tent has a few benefits; first of all you are sleeping of the ground which is easier to get in and out your bed. Secondly it increases storage space within your tent by having storage space underneath your stretcher. Stretchers also have a downside due to their height (between 40 and 50 cm) and usually sloping tent walls they will not fit that easy in every tent.

We just bought ourselves two camp stretchers, for added comfort, and we had too many punctures in our air mattresses so we needed an other solution anyway. The stretchers we have bought are from Oztent, we choose the Gecko stretcher. We bought these due to their padding, weight rating and size, 190l x 80b x 50h, with 190 cm length they fit in most touring tents, however this was the shortest we could go due to Christel’s length. The width of 80 cm is something that Chantal really appreciates, 70 cm was the other option, but that didn’t add to being comfortable, 80 cm gives you at least the option to roll over.

We plan to use these as well for guests who want to stay over, yes we have a guest bedroom, but one queen bed is not always enough. The first test they will undergo is in a few weeks, when we move into our new house, since we will be camping there for a few days before the actual move will take place. We will update you on how comfy, or not, these beds actually are!



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