Organ Pipes National Park


Only 20km North-West of Melbourne city is a little National Park, it is located just of the exit of the Calder Highway and is called the Organ Pipes National Park.

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Ten items to pack in your carry on!


Below is a list of ten items which we would pack for an international flight. These items are easily available, if you don’t already own them. Pack these and you will not need to purchase those expensive magazines and other stuff they sell at airports. Continue reading “Ten items to pack in your carry on!”

Travel the world? Start in your own backyard!

Travel the world

Every time work and my life get crazy, and those two events seem to happen at the same time, I think about quitting my job to pursuit my dreams of travelling the world. Not just travelling the world, no I would like to travel the world by car, since nothing beats a good old fashioned road trip. Continue reading “Travel the world? Start in your own backyard!”