Wilsons Prom, one of Victoria’s gems!

We are in love with Wilsons Prom, or as the locals call it, Prom Country and have spent several weekends in this beautiful National Park.

From Melbourne it takes you only 3 hours by car to get you to Wilsons Promontory National Park, understandable that this place with limited accommodation is fully booked over long weekends and summer holidays. In those peak seasons they even have a ballet system to stay at Tidal River Campground within the National park.

Tidal River

It is a 50,000 hectare coastal wilderness area and forms the southernmost part of the Australian mainland. There are many opportunity’s to do some serious (58 km’s, 5 days) and some less serious bushwalking (3.4 km, 1 hr).

The last time we visited this great destination has been March 2015, when we took some oversees family members with us. We ended up combining a few of the shorter walks, which ended up in a walk for half a day, which did leave them with a great impression of this stunning area. During those walks we were able to enjoy great views over Norman Beach and Squeaky Beach, especially after completion of the summit walk up to Mount Oberon.

At the top of Mount Oberon.
Squeaky Beach.

This is definitely a place which we will visit again!

Sunset at Squeaky Beach

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