Ten items to pack in your carry on!


Below is a list of ten items which we would pack for an international flight. These items are easily available, if you don’t already own them. Pack these and you will not need to purchase those expensive magazines and other stuff they sell at airports. 1. Empty water bottle!

We always feel a bit dehydrated after a long flight therefore an empty water bottle comes in handy. We fill our Camelbak bottles as soon as we have gone through customs and quarantine check so that we have both at least a large bottle of water on board. We ask the flight attendants to fill up our bottles in those rare occasions where we were unable to fill our bottles prior to departure.

Credit: Camelbak

2.  Pen or better two pens.

How many times do you come across a fellow traveller who wants to borrow your pen to fill in his/her arrival card?

3. Decent audio headset.

This headset can double up to listen to your own music and can also be used to watch movies in the inflight system if you get the travel adapter. If you have the noise cancelling headset, you can also use them to block out that crying child.

4. E-reader

We both have a Kobo and love to read our books on these. So we can take many more books on our travels without increasing the weight of our luggage.


5. Inflatable headrest

We are both pretty good sleepers on airplanes, except Christel has a bouncy head…. During the more or less upright sleep her head has a habit of “falling” in all the directions and a cheap inflatable headrest prevents this. Surely there are better more comfy headrests available, but these ones do the trick and are easily packed away when not needed. Chantal is a master in sleeping upright or better said passing out, and she doesn’t need one at all.

6. Something to snack 

It is nice to have something that you crave and especially if you missed out on a meal because you were fast a sleep.

7. Medication against headaches

Just in case you did not drink enough water…

8. Fleece

It may be hot outside, but 9 out of 10 times there is a really cold breeze in airplanes. Snuggling up under your own fleece just feels good.

9. Buff

If you want something to block out the light, consider using a buff rather than one of those eye pads. Once at your destination it can be used is many different ways; a buff can be used to cover your eyes, to keep your hair in place or keeps you neck warm or simply protect your head.

Credit: Buff


10. UNO
And finally if you want something else to keep you entertained, and to be honest this is something we might take or not, a pack of UNO cards. UNO can be played in limited space and with anybody young or old, no need to explain rules, everybody understands this card game.



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