Organ Pipes National Park


Only 20km North-West of Melbourne city is a little National Park, it is located just of the exit of the Calder Highway and is called the Organ Pipes National Park.

This park was established with the focus on conservation of flora and fauna, and preservation of the geological features in the Jackson Creek, which is part of the Maribyrnong Valley, the park itself is situated in a deep gorge in the basalt Keilor Planes.

The Organ Pipes
The Organ Pipes

The main attraction of this park are “The Organ Pipes”, a set of basalt columns formed by the cooling and cracking of molten lava, in the form of -yes- organ pipes! The park is due to the proximity to Melbourne and it’s facilities such as BBQ’s very popular for family picnics.
Every now and then when we are on our way home from work, we get of the highway to have a little walk and enjoy this nice little park.

Jacksons Creek

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