Australia expensive? Why don’t you go camping?


Often we hear comments like “Australia is so expensive” or “we cannot afford to travel in Australia”, comments like these we ignore. Why? Travel is as expensive as you choose to make it, even in a country like Australia. Of course we like a bit of comfort and don’t mind a bed in a nice hotel, but if it comes down to money we often choose the budget friendly version of going on a holiday. Camping!

We love camping and you don’t need to own a lot of high tech camping gear to have a great holiday. Especially if you are staying on campgrounds, yes these cost money; expect to pay between $35 and $60 for a family of four, depending on the location and the season. But hey there are bathrooms, cooking facilities, so basically you only need a tent a sleeping bag and some food. So a week away could cost you something between $245 and $420, which is still not cheap but it is not bad value either. In regards to food and alcohol, you do eat at home and have sometimes a drink as well, so if you stick to these same habits it won’t cost you a fortune to travel. Of course you can spend less money if you choose to spend your nights without all the comforts and are happy to just have a long drop. For those non Australians: Long drop is Australian slang for toilet. Usually a large hole dug in the ground with a board over the top acting as the toilet seat. Hence the long drop to the bottom of the hole. 

Many believe that if you travel in Australia and go camping you will require a four wheel drive. This is absolutely not the case; in fact we have done most of our travels in a standard sedan a Toyota Camry, to be specific. Most of the Australian road network consists of bitumen roads, so there is no excuse not to explore this beautiful country.

At the moment we are considering some upgrades to our camping gear, which we think are worth it. After all if you look after your camping gear and treat it with respect it should last for many holidays. Our ideal idea of camping is as shown in the picture, camping with a bit of comfort, such as the rooftop tent in the middle of nowhere and you probably need a four wheel drive to get there.


2 thoughts on “Australia expensive? Why don’t you go camping?

  1. Camping is so easy in Australia and good to know you have done some. A few years ago we drove from Canberra to Perth and camped all the way (except for a couple of nights with friends on the way). Have also driven to and from (and camped) the Canberra to Uluru route. Oh, and then there was the Darwin to Sydney drive. Go for it.

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