10 Gift ideas for travellers

10 Gift ideas for travellers

We are close to the end of the year, which means now is the time to get your Christmas presents sorted. But what are you going to buy a travel minded person? Well we do have a few suggestions for you.

Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist

One of our suggestions for those who like to travel but are not fulltime on the road, the Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist. This book has a list of 500 amazing travel destinations which are not always the most known ones, with its nice pictures a great idea for those who want to soak up a few more travel ideas while they are sipping a coffee on their own comfy sofa.  10013-Lonely_Planet_s_Ultimate_Travel_List403556_Large

World Map

What about a world decal to point out to your family and friends what you next travel destination will be? These come in various colours and sizes so surely there is one that would suit your house. Once you are fed up with these you simply peel them off your wall.

Packing cubes

If you are an occasional traveller or a fulltime on the road kind of person, everybody can do with some good packing cubes. These little bags are handy to keep especially your smalls such as socks and undies together within your backpack or even within your suitcase. cube set

Head light

No more searching in the dark for that empty bed in a dorm room or a visit to a toilet in the bush were you need to clench your flashlight between your teeth while you wipe your bum! No you have both your hands free when you put on one of these little head lights from Petzl. You initially might think you look stupid, but in the end who gives a shit. Petzl

Toilet Kit

A toilet kit with a hook is another one of these things which you are only going to appreciate when yours has been sitting in a puddle of water while you had a shower. These work amazing even if there is not a proper hook available, mine almost 10 years old Eagle Creek toilet kit, has been hanging of a little crack in the wall. eaglecreekbitechtripkit

Noise-cancelling Headphones

No snoring from a roommate is going to keep you awake, they are also great for keeping the noise out on that overnight bus. What am I talking about are noise-cancelling headphones. Of course they can be used to enjoy your music and a few come with the additional plug to use them for the inflight system on your long oversees flight. Different brands, different sizes and even more important different prices, so we are not going to recommend one specific brand of type, since that is depending on the type of traveller that you buy these for.


Towel, not an ordinary towel but one of these quick drying ones which every traveller should have. They come in different sizes and although we see many recommendations for the use of a sarong on the beach, we simply prefer one of the larger quick drying towel ones. Together with one smaller sized towel we are set and happy, of course they don’t feel as fluffy and nice as the once you have at home, but let’s face it the shower is not a good as at home either.  Towel

Memory stick/ Hard drive

Memory stick, with a large capacity, to store all those pictures on. Or even better a portable hard drive; try to get a rugged version to ensure your gift will last for many trips.

Waterproof bags

A waterproof bag to keep you valuables dry, there are the ones that line your large backpack and there are the more rugged ones to keep your camera, mobile and wallet dry on that boat trip. We have both but I must admit the liner of our backpack can be a bit of a pain to use when you daily need to access your personal belongings. On the other hand, the more rugged one has proven it’s value more than once.  sea_to_summit_lightweight_dry_sack


In you are well willing to spend a few more $$$ on your globetrotting friend or family member, why don’t you get them an e-reader? We ourselves have a Kobo e-reader, one of the earlier versions, the ones that cannot be used in the dark, but that doesn’t bother us. We love that we can bring heaps of books without carrying the weight of them and the battery life is great.kobo

Enjoy your Christmas shopping!


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