You know you are a wanderlust when…..


What makes a person a wanderlust? The definition of a wanderlust according to Wikipedia is: Wanderlust is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. Below are 10 signs which indicate if you are a wanderlust or not.

  1. Passport stamps and visa labels are victory badges, often you check you passport to see how many stamps and labels you have collected and how many more will fit.
  2. Your mobile is displaying at least 2 different time zones.
  3. You have many places on your list to got to, and this list keeps growing no matter how much travel you do.  free gift
  4. Obsessively you check blogs from fellow travellers and don’t forget to check their social media pages as well.
  5. You ensure that always one trip is locked in at all time! Who wants a calendar without any travel plans?
  6. You keep a spread sheet to know exactly how many days of leave you will have.
  7. What is your obsession? World maps or country maps by any change?  You love maps!
  8. Your dream about new places to discover and amazing locations that you did visit.
  9. Where do you keep that countdown calendar? Is it showing on your blog, on the fridge or do you use a travel app? CAFE
  10. Google and Tripadvisor are you two best friends? Who needs real ones anyway if you have two mates who help you will all your travel related questions.

So how many signs do you have? I (Chantal) have 8 signs, so it looks like there is room for improvement.


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