Why we enjoy getaways


We both hold a fulltime position, which means we work 38 hours or more a week, and some weekends we have to work extra shifts. These exhausting weeks together with all the usual stuff that you need to do in and around the house makes us sometimes a bit rundown. What do we do to keep our spirits up and motivation up? We try to enjoy as many getaways as possible, these getaways usually provides us with all the energy we do need.

What is a good time to book a getaway? This can vary between last-minute booking and a booking made months in advance. We usually like to have one or two of these trips in our calendar, just to have something to look forward to.

In May this year we did book a getaway to Sydney, 48 hours in this amazing city just before the start of the holiday season sounded ideal at time of booking. Now, just over 6 month later, it turns out not to be this ideal, after all it is just a week ago that we received the keys of our new home.

But since we do believe that everything happens for a reason and we really need a break we did decide to go anyway. Going away for a short getaway can really provide you that much desired energy boost, let’s see if it works for us this time!

Freq Flyer
For this particular trip we wanted to keep the costs down, so we did use our Virgin Australia frequent flyer points to go on this short break. But there are many more options to have a budget friendly getaway.

What are your thoughts about getaways? Are they worth it or do you prefer to spend your money on a holiday?


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