Why do we travel?

2015 Has been a year without much travelling for us, but that is about to change. At this moment we are “back home” to spend the holiday season with the family and friends, we wonder what is the reason why we travel? Travel can be done in many different forms, it can be backpacking for a year or a couple of years, luxurious trips on cruise ships and fully organised itineraries through one or more countries at a time, a road trip or camping trip in your own country or a city trip. Below is a list of seven reasons why we like to travel.
As we mentioned before we are from the Netherlands, so we travel to the Netherlands to meet our family and friends. Although we are unsure if we should call this travel at all, but since everybody in Australia thinks it’s a holiday, we suppose we should count it.


We both hold a full-time job which for both involves some extra weekend work, all fine but it just costs time. What happens next is that we still try to do the same things in just fewer hours of spare time, which again is fine until….. Every couple of months we get this period were we both are unable to relax, we feel tired and exhausted, and no sleep or relaxing around the house is taking this feeling away. No, we simply need to go on a trip and relax! Therefore in really busy times which is usually our winter period, we will take a week off and go somewhere warm such as Thailand and chill out in nice hotel enjoying days at the pool and sipping cocktails and enjoying to read a book and have some tasteful food.


I did already mention this above, we surely love a tasteful meal, and we do try almost everything! For example, on our trip to Cambodia in the end of 2014 we did eat crickets and spiders, not our favourite meals, they were OK-ish. Besides strange food we did also enjoy very tasteful meals on our travels, two countries are really coming to mind when we think about nice food, Thailand and Vietnam. The Thai and Vietnamese cuisine are both really great and there are so many more nice dishes to try around the world, to name a few, what about Mexican or Japanese?
When we travel we usually change a few of our habits and routines. First of all, we get our travel clothes out of our wardrobes? Travel clothes? Yup, I don’t know about you, normally we wear Jeans, T-shirts and sneakers to work but when we travel, we replace those with our travel pants and quick drying, bug proof shirts and walking shoes. Why? Well there are many practical reasons why we do wear these but the main reason is since we are going on a trip.
Secondly, our alarm which normally goes in the early mornings is not used at all or maybe just to ensure that we are in time for a nice tour or to catch a flight.
And what about communication, no TV and less internet and domestic distractions means we usually end up talking to our (travel) partners and locals or fellow travellers.

When you travel to a new country you learn so much about the habits and the culture of the people who live in this country. For example when we were in Cambodia we did experience the awful history of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, we did visit the killing fields and hearing the stories and seeing those skulls stacked up is horrible but the one thing that really surprised us were the people. People, who lost family members and who live in a country were so many horrible things did happen, were extremely friendly and grateful.
Another thing you learn during your travels is about your own limits and what you like, it is for a reason that many people make a life changing decision such as a career change or starting a family after they just been on a vacation.

One of the things we really did like on our 4 day hiking trip on Hinchin Brook Island is the fact that we went back to basic. Of course our camping/hiking gear is modern and we still have a few comforts, but basic things as running water and flushing toilets or toilets at all were not available on this trip. Cooking your meals on a single burner stove with a headlight on your fore head and a shower under a waterfall was all we did have and we loved it! No mobile reception, no idea what is going on in the rest of the world, just back to basic. Although we must admit that 4 days is probably the maximum amount of days we want to do without a shower and a full change of clothes.


During our travels we do things we don’t do in our everyday life. For example climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is great fun when you are on a city trip to Sydney, how many people who live in Sydney have actually done this climb?

These are the main reasons why we loved to travel and why we like to keep travelling. What are your reasons to travel?


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