When you mention the Netherlands usually a few things come to mind; wooden shoes, windmills, tulips, bicycles and depending on the person other things such as red light district and soft drugs. We are, as you probably know, both born in The Netherlands and have lived there the majority of our lives, but visiting windmills or a tulip farm would be something you only do with visitors from oversees. This time we were visiting from oversees ourselves, so we got into our rental car, on our way to see some windmills.

Windmills are located at various spots around the country, in fact there is actually one in the middle of the town centre in the city were I was born. But there are only a few places were you can see as many windmills as in Kinderdijk. Kinderdijk (Childrens Dike) is a small town, 15 km east of Rotterdam which is situated in the Alblasserwaard. Both the river the Lek and Noord river confluence in the Alblasserwaard, the 19 windmills which are on the World Unesco List, are built around 1740, are there to drain the polder and to avoid flooding.

If there is wind you might even see some of these windmills turning, we were not so lucky this time. You can have guided tours around the area and even look inside one of the windmills. Kinderdijk is well worth the visit if you want to see some typical Dutch heritage.

P1020177 (1)


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