What do you do with your dirty laundry while you are traveling? For us it all depends on how and where we are travelling. When we are in Asia, we usually hand our dirty clothes to a little shop’s who do your laundry. If we travel in the US or Europe, forget about giving our dirty undies to the hotel staff for laundering, since this will cost you lots of $$$. As a result, we usually end up washing socks, undies and bra’s and if we have to some shirts, in a tiny sink, in our hotel. This frustrates me, a lot of time wasted with laundry and only the smell of fresh clothes, not actually clean clothes.


But those days are over! We now have the Scrubba, in fact we have two Scrubba’s. A Scrubba is a wash bag like no other, in fact it is worlds smallest manual washing machine and it does not need any electricity. This is not everything this wash bag actually doubles up as a waterproof bag to protect the contents from getting wet.

We have tested this bag at home, just to see if it is worth taking on our trips, and the results are as described below.

This is the Scrubba, it weights less than 145g and see how small it folds up.


When I turn the bag inside out you will see all these little nodules, which have the same function as a washboard.

Scrubba logo.006

You can clearly see the instructions on the side of the bag, as well as a water level for different loads of washing. As you can see a large laundry in this system consists of 2 T-shirts, 2 pair of socks and 2 pair of undies. Not bad for a hand wash!

Open the bag, fill it with water, detergent and your dirty laundry, in this case two t-shirt. As detergent we did use wool wash, since this needs less rinsing than ordinary laundry detergent. But you can use anything; shampoo, dishwashing liquid, soap, although I would recommend you to stick to liquid detergents.

Close the bag by folding the top part, three times folding is more than sufficient, and close the buckle.

Open the valve and gently release any air from inside the bag by gently pressing it.


Once completed, place the Scrubba on a flat surface, or as flat as possible. And rub your dirty clothes against the nodules, generally 3 minutes rubbing should be sufficient.


Open the wastage by unclipping and unrolling and pour the dirty water out.
Poor some clean water in and rinse your clothes and voila you are done.

Our conclusion:
We did think it performed well, although the clothes which we did place in the Scrubba were not extremely dirty but generally our travel clothes are not covered in dirt and stains either. We think that this is going to be very handy and useful, and will make our travels even more enjoyable.

A few tips to ensure your bag will last for extended time:

  • Rinse it after use and turn it inside out to allow it to dry fully.
  • Don’t store it in the direct sunlight or expose it to temperatures above 50C, so pouring in really hot water will do the bag and your laundry no good.
  • Pay attention to the abrasive and sharp surfaces during washing as well as zippers and buckets on clothes.

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