How can we travel this much?


We try to have at least two oversees holidays a year and manage to travel in Australia as well, which seems to be a lot more than our fiends and workmates. We still think it can be more, but that’s a different topic. To give you an idea how much we travel, have a look at the list below, it lists all our travel in 2015. A few of these shorter trips in Victoria were made with visiting family members. All these trips include multiple days on campgrounds or in holiday accommodation and hotels.

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Some of our favourite travel movies

Who doesn’t like to snuggle up on the sofa with a great movie?

Movies are one of the best mediums for inspiring travel and great for those who are nomadic at heart. From epic adventures to stunning landscapes, movies offer inspiration, and making us want to experience new cultures, to get out on the road or visit a particular place or country. Here are some of our best travel movies which might want you to pack your bags and start travelling. Below is a list of 10 travel movies, which we think are great fun to watch.


Credit: Indiewire

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Day trip to the Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains

On our last visit to Sydney we only had 2 days, 48 hours to enjoy the city and the surrounding area. This is definitely not enough time if this is your first visit to this amazing city! But what if you have only 48 hours? What are the things you need to see and do? One of the things we think you should include is a trip to the Blue Mountains!

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