Day trip to the Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains

On our last visit to Sydney we only had 2 days, 48 hours to enjoy the city and the surrounding area. This is definitely not enough time if this is your first visit to this amazing city! But what if you have only 48 hours? What are the things you need to see and do? One of the things we think you should include is a trip to the Blue Mountains!

Keep an eye out for the weather forecast, especially if you have limited time, rainy days means no visibility what so ever in this National Park. We could think of many other great things to do in the city which are less affected by weather. So you have nice weather and have decided to go to the Blue Mountains, now what? Forget the organised tours and just get on the train to Katoomba. The train ride from Central station to Katoomba will take you just under 2 hours and cost you $5.81 each way, trains will depart during peak hours every 30 minutes. Using public transport including the ferry is probably the cheapest but defiantly the easiest by using one of their Opal public transport cards, put some money on your card and simply touch on and off whenever you get on or leaving.

We took an early train and arrived at Katoomba before 9:30, read before the crowds get there, which was great! With only a full day in the Blue Mountains we decided to go for the easy option and we used a day pass from the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus.

Logo incl.001

Not only did we get a bus pass which allows you to get on and off the bus at 29 stops as often as you want within one day, no we got the so called Lyrebird pass for $75 per person. This Lyrebirds comes with unlimited discovery pass at Scenic World.

We did have a lot of fun combining those rides with some shorter walks as well as a few longer walks which involved a lot of stairs and steps. The Blue Mountains are definitely worth a visit. We are looking forward to come back and do some of the lesser know walking tracks.


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