Five is the max!

5 is the max!.jpg

When you go on an extended road trip, no matter what your accommodation is going to be, you need to pack your clothes. But how many clothes are you taking?

Even on a camping trip we usually have the whole back seat free so technically we can take as many clothes and other stuff we want. But…… we try to keep our belongings in the back of the car and ideally organised, so we limit ourselves to what we can take. We usually will only be staying 1 or 2 nights in one spot and only every now and then, we come across a Laundromat, but this amount of clothes is usually enough.

Our basic rule is 5 is the max!

What do we mean with this? We don’t take more than 5 pieces of one item. For example for an extended road trip, which can be anything from 2 weeks up to 2 months, we will pack:

5 undies

5 bras

5 pair of socks

5 pair of trousers (3 shorts, 2 long)

5 t-shirts

5 tops (2 singlets, 1 long sleeve, 2 hoodies)

5 random clothes items (2 bathers, 1 rain jacket, sneakers, hiking sandals)

Of course our packing depends on which state and in what season we are travelling and we will change our packing accordingly. But this is a very generous amount of clothes to be taking on a road trip and with the mixing and matching you should be able to create heaps of outfits. Surely you can take less as well, but we figure that we have enough space to take this amount of clothes without being too generous.


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