How can we travel this much?


We try to have at least two oversees holidays a year and manage to travel in Australia as well, which seems to be a lot more than our fiends and workmates. We still think it can be more, but that’s a different topic. To give you an idea how much we travel, have a look at the list below, it lists all our travel in 2015. A few of these shorter trips in Victoria were made with visiting family members. All these trips include multiple days on campgrounds or in holiday accommodation and hotels.


  • Bangkok
  • High Country, VIC, Australia


  • Wilsons Promontory NP, VIC, Australia


  • Canberra, ACT, Australia
  • Lorne, VIC, Australia


  • Great Ocean Road, VIC, Australia


  • Koh Samui, Thailand


  • Echuca, VIC, Australia


  • Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • Netherlands


Often we hear comments about all the travel we do, and how we can afford it, if we have leave to go away as often as we do. Personally I think it is a choice, you either want to go out and travel or you don’t!

Anyway, still interested in how do we manage to go away this much? Well if so, have a look at the five points below, these are the things that make us decide to book another flight or just get in the car for a quick camping trip over a weekend.


First of all, not everybody has the same travel itch and therefore forget about your co-workers who have not had a holiday for a while. After all not everyone wants to spend their money of travel. What we do like to consider is when we are going, as much as possible we will avoid school holidays, this suits our work perfect, secondly we try to avoid the really busy times at work. For us this means we will usually have an oversees or a bigger trip in May/June and over Christmas. I know the last one is a school holiday, but both our work places have more or less a shut-down period, so it works well.

You love maps!

How long?

Leave is usually the limitation, but living in Australia means we have less leave than those in Europe and more that those living in the US. In fact Christel has 4 weeks annual leave and Chantal is a bit more fortunate with 4 weeks annual leave and twelve roster days off. Christel’s employer however has the option, if the job allows it, to allow purchased leave. We are fortunate that they do allow her to have 4 additional weeks off in 2016, Chantal already saved these weeks up over previous years.

All I can say is don’t be afraid to request leave from your employer, even if it is unpaid. After all the worst thing that can happen is that they don’t approve it, but when they do you will have your nice holiday and have a job to return to. Not bad!

Take advantage of holiday breaks

Sure if you include public holidays in your travel time it will cost you more money, but both having a fulltime job money is something we can safe up for far easier than leave. So being on vacation over Christmas and New Year might cost you more money but it gains you three extra travel days. At least it does for those living in Australia; we get compensated with an extra day leave if a public holiday is on a Saturday or Sunday.

Have a weekend escape as many times as possible

If it is camping in a national park only hours away from home, or a city trip, try to have as many as these as possible or as you like to have. Not all these trips have to cost money, in fact if we go camping in a National Park we end up spending less money than when we stay at home. Secondly there is a reason why there are so many travel columns/websites with “48 hours in……” in their title. 48 Hours is the usual amount of time which you have on a weekend getaway to a city. These columns are fun to read, but to me use these as a guide. Don’t try to do all of the things mentioned; otherwise you will need another weekend to recover from your weekend getaway. We think a weekend away from home is a great experience without taking too much time off work which is usually enough to recharge our batteries again.


Treat your home town or your local area as a holiday destination

One of my favourite parts of living close to Melbourne is that there is always something new to try or do. You can always have dinner a “new” restaurant, see an exhibition or show and there are so many street festivals. Only a couple hours away from Melbourne you have many National Parks and amazing wine regions. Because of this, we like to go out and see something new, although revisiting an old good experience is also in the cards. Getting out and have a mini holiday of half a day or a full day just minutes away from home is great!

I know it is not easy to have this attitude, we are all busy and we all get sucked into staying at home and watching TV, but really does this make you feel good? We do have the eager to try and see new things and when we stay at home, we use this time to plan our next big adventure or watch some amazing documentaries about other countries, what will be next on our list of travel destinations ………


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