Looking for inspiration for this long Labourday weekend or the upcoming Easter weekend? Why don’t you pay a visit to Echuca?


We like to visit Echuca every now and than and there is a couple of reasons why. First of all it’s relatively close to home, with one night in a motel we do get the feeling we did go on a break. Secondly we love the drive through the rural area’s of Victoria. I know I (Chantal) am a bit of a crazy person, but I do love empty roads and find driving around relaxing. Echuca has heaps of activities, for all age groups and restaurants and wineries are there more than enough. Our recommendation is to visit this town on your next getaway.

Echuca, 215 km north of Melbourne, is a border town on the banks of the Murray river between Victoria and New South Wales and it will take you 2,5 hours to get there from Melbourne. From our place it only takes 2 hours, so great destination for a 1 night stop.

In the 1870s Echuca was Australia’s largest inland port, steam-driven paddle steamers would  be unloaded in Echuca and the contents such as wool, wheat, live stock and timber would be transported by rail to Melbourne. The wharf is now listed as a Heritage Place on the Australian National Heritage List.



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