Travel budget

How can we afford all this travelling? Are you on another holiday, again?

This are two questions/comments we do often hear. Personally we would love to travel more, but hey we both hold a full-time job and getting leave is not always easy and we also need to create enough funds to afford our travels.

There are heaps of blog posts on how to safe money for travel via small things such as making your own lunch and not having coffee’s anymore. There are also travellers who swear by having credit cards which rake up lots of points to enjoy free flights or upgrades. These things might work for some, but not for us. We are both in our 40’s and want to live our life every single day and not just when we are on holidays! Although we admit, we do make our own lunches, but this is more our Dutch background.

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10 Reasons why you should go camping

Top 10 reasons to go camping in Australia, or anywhere in the world!

Summer is over in Australia, and we have a some cold weeks ahead of us, excellent time to start planning your next big trip. Our big camping trip is coming up in November, which just over 6 months from now. Seven weeks on the road and many different new, exciting places to set-up our rooftop tent and explore new scenery. Below is a list why we like camping so much and we give you ten reasons why we think you should go camping:
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Red dirt and big blue skies

That is what you will see when you visit Silverton, but there is more!

We love this little mining town, in fact the last time we did visit was less than five years ago, in October 2011.

Silverton is located 25 km North-West of Broken Hill and used to have a thriving Silver mine. This little mining town had in 1890, during the peak of mining business, a population of 3000, nowadays this town is often called a ghost town with a population around 50.

Red dirt and a big blue sky in Silverton

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Broken Hill

Driving 783 km each way for 3 nights in Broken Hill sounds crazy of many but not for us, nope, we both love a road trip. We did have three great days, were we relaxed and did see and do a lot.

Broken Hill is Australia’s longest-lived mining city, it’s orebody is amongst the world’s largest lead, silver and zinc mineral deposits. This city is know for mining and everywhere you look there is mining, parts contain mining tools, the street names contain minerals and so on. If you are not into mining, good change you do like it after visiting Broken Hill.

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