Red dirt and big blue skies

That is what you will see when you visit Silverton, but there is more!

We love this little mining town, in fact the last time we did visit was less than five years ago, in October 2011.

Silverton is located 25 km North-West of Broken Hill and used to have a thriving Silver mine. This little mining town had in 1890, during the peak of mining business, a population of 3000, nowadays this town is often called a ghost town with a population around 50.

Red dirt and a big blue sky in Silverton

We don’t think it’s a ghost town at all! There is heaps to do and it looks everybody who lives in this mining town is hard at work providing tourists excellent service. That’s all but the old guy sitting on the bench when you enter the goal museum, he is just keeping the cashier of his work. But again this is also part of the charm of such a little town, and who doesn’t want to know what kind of awful disease mister X has and what mister Y is up to……

The gaol museum is great, but it could have been much better! The museum hold relics about silver mining in town and about everything else, and I mean everything else which has ever found any use in Silverton. Some of these items are great to see and bring a smile on visitors faces whenever they remember these items from their childhood. But to be honest, to keep the attention of the younger generation, you might want to store a few items away and put up some more signage about these items and their use. After all if you haven’t used or seen these before you might not have a clue what the purpose is.

We didn’t pay a visit to the Mad Max II museum or the Day Dream Mine since we did see them before, but definitely go and see them if you have not been in a mine and if you are a big Mad Max fan!

Mad Max II museum

If you love art as much as we do, this town is a gem! This time around we did visit three different galleries, and loved the work in all three of them. Unfortunately we don’t have any money left over to buy to an original painting, so therefore we did settle on two smaller signed prints, but those are great as well!

Cowz Art Gallery is owned by artist Jason Cowley who specialises in primitive art scenes, his paintings are colourful and are showing the outback and locals in all sorts of pursuits and sceneries. It might not be everybody’s cup op tea but we love it! In fact the 2 prints were bough were from his little gallery.

One of the prints we did buy at Cowz

Beyond 39 dips, is located almost next to the Cowz gallery and doubles up as a tourist information centre. The gallery has some nice pieces of glassware, some funny paintings, although I can not see ourselves having one of these on the wall of our home. To be honest I have mixed feelings about this gallery, this is not due to the art, but more due to the people running this place. There is no real friendly feel to this place which is a pity, especially considering that they are also a tourist information centre.

The Horizon Gallery, by Albert Woodroffe is a great gallery and studio in one, there is art on display from various artists. Some of these painting show typical classic Australian outback scenery, others have a more modern approach.

Visiting those galleries has made us hungry and thirsty, so we decided to have a meal at the iconic Silverton Hotel, which has featured in many outback movies. The meal was OK, but not as good as we could remember from our previous trip. Last time we did visit this hotel on a week day without many tourists and this time we did visit town over the long Easter weekend. Staff was flat out and running around like crazy, which most likely had some impact on the quality of food, don’t get me wrong it was still tasteful, but it was lacking something.


On our way back we have some great fun on all the dirt roads!


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