10 Reasons why you should go camping

Top 10 reasons to go camping in Australia, or anywhere in the world!

Summer is over in Australia, and we have a some cold weeks ahead of us, excellent time to start planning your next big trip. Our big camping trip is coming up in November, which just over 6 months from now. Seven weeks on the road and many different new, exciting places to set-up our rooftop tent and explore new scenery. Below is a list why we like camping so much and we give you ten reasons why we think you should go camping:
1. It’s great to unwind
There is no doubt, camping is great to unwind and chill after weeks of hard work. Enjoy a moment without staying connected to world by switching your mobile off and connect with nature and those around you. Go for a walk in the bush or along the beach or simply sit back and look around you, or read a good book. Camping is great to leave your troubles behind and revives your energy levels and just makes you a happy person.

2. (Re-)connect with your loved ones
With no distractions such as televisions,internet and a busy social life, you are able to create memories with your loved one(s). We are now in our 40’s and when we talk about child hood memories, often they are about trips we took as a family. Never thought that I would be looking back at those family camping trips in the south of France with such a smile on my face.

3. Meet interesting people
How often do you meet new people in your daily life? Well we can honestly say that we hardly meet anyone new with our daily routine. This is in contrast to our trips, how easy and how often we do strike up a conversation with complete strangers is unbelievable. Usually they give us tips on what to see and what to do in the area or even better where to travel next and which roads to take. Sometimes we even find ourselves joining them at their campfire and share a few beers with them.

4. Connect with nature
Wake up in the morning to the sound of the Kookaburra’s laughing, or to the sound of possums scavenging through your rubbish in the middle of the night. Camping allows you to connect with nature in a way you won’t have if you are staying in hostels or hotels. Your bed for the night will be in the middle of a National Park near a lake, creek or under a tree and you will enjoy nature and wildlife.

5. Amazing sunsets and star-filled skies
The Australian outback has the countries most amazing skies, first you see these orange pink and red tones during sunset after which you have a bright star-filled sky. But honestly if you pick a spot without to much interference of lights, anywhere in Australia is pretty good to see sunsets and the stars. If they don’t forecast any rain, you might want to set up your tent without fly, laying in your bed and been able to gaze up and watch the sky is about as good as it gets. If you are lucky you even may spot a shooting star.

6. Local produce
Of course you can pick your own berries and catch your own fish, but there is an easier way to get local produce. Just buy at local road stalls, go to markets or visit early morning a pier where fisherman return from their overnight fishing trip. Great way to support the locals with buying their produce and often they even give you tips on how to prepare your meal or they recommend you great spots to purchase more local delicacies.

7. Barbecue
So you have your local delicacies, how are you going to prepare these? Of course the Ozzie way and that’s throwing them on the barbie! If it is a campfire, a BBQ on coals or as we like to use a portable gas BBQ, they all are great to cook up a storm. Most likely the neighbours from the tent next door will come for a chat and to see what smells so good. Keep in mind that open fire is not always allowed in National Parks, so a gas BBQ is sometimes your only option.

8. Scenery
In contrast to a day at the office, you can determine your view for the day. Fancy some beach today and bush tomorrow? All is possible, you just need to pack up your stuff drive a few km’s and you have complete new surroundings. This is much better than staying in a hotel were you can not change the view and were you might be looking at an balcony of the hotel next door.

9. Games and sports
We have seen many families playing beach cricket while on their holidays. We as “new” residents, will hopefully learn how to play this game soon as it looks much fun. But getting out a frisbee, or throwing a ball at the beach is something we do and crazy enough we only do this while we are on vacation. The same can be said for board games, we play these small games, while we enjoy some wine and nibbles in the lights of our camping torch and it is great fun.

10. Weather
Camping and great weather go hand in hand, so usually we go camping from late Spring to early Autumn. When the weather is improving, usually your summer happiness is coming along as well. Summer air makes you want to get in the car and pitch up your tent of set-up your caravan and enjoy the outdoors. Making memories​ and stories to tell about beautiful locations and colourful people you did meet while traveling.
We came up with ten good reasons to go camping and honestly, only one of these reasons would be enough to get you excited. Come on, get organised and turn your next trip into an adventure.


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