2017!!!!! What already?

I know, I (Chantal) get ahead of things often….. I do try to be spontaneous and not to plan everything, but sometimes I simply can’t help myself. And this is one of these situations!

We both have a list with travel destinations which we like to see and fortunately there aren’t many differences, usually it is just a different priority. There is however one destination which is high on both our lists, this destination came up in several conversations but every time when we discussed this option we had reasons to book another trip. These reasons were various; too expensive, not the right time of year, or already booked out etc.

I again brought up this travel destination after reading a blog post from Nomadic Matt. Not sure if it is this specific post of Matt or my struggles with finding the right balance between work and life, but I no longer wanted to postpone our intention to visit Patagonia. I don’t know what I was expecting but certainly not the following conversation:

Me: “I saw these amazing photo’s in a blog post of Patagonia, is this a place you still want to visit?”

Christel: “Yes, this hasn’t changed.”

Me: “What if we prioritise this trip before we make any other travel plans?”

Christel:”We could, but why don’t we book it? We can book it tomorrow.”

Me: “Really?”

It is these kind of moments that I realise how lucky I am to have a partner and soulmate who understands me without too many words.

Us checking out the blog from Nomadic Matt

We did make a booking for a trip at the end of 2017 to Patagonia with Intrepid, which will be our second trip with this tour operator. We realise that many things can happen before the end of 2017, but things happen, and all we can say is we no longer postpone our wish to see Patagonia! We are happy that this is locked in! Time to focus on the trips which will happen before this one.

Happy planning and save travels to all.


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