Pico chair

Are you in need for a new camp chair but you are limited for storage? We were in the same boat and came across a chair from Hannibal Safari at a 4×4 show in Melbourne.

Pico chair

These Pico chairs are the director style type chair with a seat height of 43cm and a maximum load of 113kg. They fold up and are packed up in their own storage bag, which is with 50 x 10 x 31.5 cm, probable comparable to a large laptop shoulder bag, they are easy to pack away and take up little space. This and the fact that we will have some family and friends  over from the Netherlands who will be traveling with us, made us decide to buy another set of these chairs.

The chairs are easy to set up as long as you fully extend the legs and back part. Just keep in mind that over time the moving parts might need a bit of lubrication with some silicone spray, and the screws to some of the moving parts need some tightening.

I expect we will have lots of use of these new chairs as well!


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