How much money do we need for our road trip?

Travel budget?

How much money do we need for our road trip? That is the million dollar question!

We have traveled in Australia before, but the last couple of years the duration of our Ozzie road trips was only for one to two weeks or maximum.  This upcoming road trip at the end of 2016 will be different, we will be gone for just over 7 weeks. We never considered doing a budget for a 2 week camping trip, but now we feel we should. Why? We just like to be prepared and secondly we might have another extended road trip in the future, so we might benefit from this information ourselves.

I have come across many blog posts about cost for travelling around Australia, but hardly any of these blog posts is useful for us. Why? First of all, the majority  of these travellers are backpackers, families or grey nomads and all of them have one or two things in common. They travel slowly! This is great if you have the time to do this, but we are not in such a fortunate situation. Secondly, they majority of these travellers, are working while traveling this is again something we don’t want to do. No our idea is to, see and experience as many new things and places as possible.  Of course this is with reason, since no one benefits of just sitting in the car and snapping up a few nice photo’s.

So what is the plan? Melbourne – Perth, which is roughly 3400km one way, and of course we have to drive back. All up, we expect to drive maximum 9000km over 52 days, which is a lot of km’s than the average traveller drives in 7 weeks. We expect to have higher costs per day, due to fuel  costs, general rule of thumb is the slower you travel the more money you safe. So how to budget for this?? We have come up with the following.

Fuel; this a big cost on our budget.  We don’t have an idea how much our new car will use, especially not fully loaded and with a roof top tent on it, but our guess for fuel economy is 15L / 100km, resulting in a total of 1350L. Diesel prices around Melbourne are  $1.07 at the moment but prices go up when you travel more remotely, so we use an average of $1.50.

Food and drinks; This is our biggest spending on our trip, but we also eat while we are at home, so technically this doesn’t belong on our travel budget ;-). On a monthly basis we normally spend a whopping $1250 on groceries, this is for food, drinks, personal hygiene etc. Yes we love our food and our drinks……..For seven weeks this would mean $2019, we expect to eat out more and we will enjoy a drink more often than normal so we have budgeted $2500 for this.

Accommodation; We will have a mix between caravan parks and national parks, which ratio is unknown at this stage. At this stage we expect to be gone for 52 nights, lets say we spend these roughly 50% at caravan parks (~$40 per night) and 50% National Parks (~$20 per night) this equals to $1560 (26x$40 +26x$20).

Excursions and entrance fees; $50 per person per week

Below an overview of our expected costs, I wonder how our budget will stack up…….

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 11.15.08 am
Budgeted costs for our 7 week road trip to Perth, WA. Let’s see how our budget will stack up after we have done this trip.



5 thoughts on “How much money do we need for our road trip?

  1. You can save a lot of money on accommodation by using Paul Smedley’s amazing book called ‘Budget Camps and Stops Australia’. We travelled from Canberra to Perth and back a few years ago and found the book to be a goldmine. Smedley has visited every rest stop in the book. There’s a pic of every place and he indicates whether camping is allowed and whether it’s free or charged. He also says whether there is shade, toilets, running water, showers, telephone signal, etc. I think the newest edition is called ‘Budget Rest Areas’.

    We were away about six weeks and had enough time to spend a week in Perth, visit the Margaret River region, get to Lake Ballard, see Wave Rock and drive the Discovery Trail. My blog covers quite a bit of what we did, but no mention of cost.

    Hope you love the journey as much as we did.

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    1. Thank you so much for your recommendation. I will certainly have a look at the books you recommended, but it looks like the latest one is dated 2013. We have a copy of “camping around Australia” ourselves, but I am a sucker for travel/camping books, so I might end up with a copy. Do you have any experience with the Wiki Camp app?

      I will definitely have a look at your blog posts, we might get some ideas and I love to see beautiful photo’s. We intend to use the spendings on this trip for possible an even bigger road trip…. We would love to see the Kimberley’s, but are unsure if we want to use a very large amount of leave and drive there or that we fly there and spend a shorter time up there.

      I am pretty sure we will love this trip, we really love this amazing country! Do you have any plans on another Australian adventure or is it going to be another oversees one?

      Christel & Chantal

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      1. P.S. Our copy of Smedley’s book was about five years old when we used it and we found it very current so a 2013 edition should be good. One thing we really liked about it was that the distances between stops and the range of amenities for each stop let us decide whether to stop early or keep going. We rough camped most of the way, using our little gas stove for cooking. I need to do a post on Lake Ballard.

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