May I introduce you to Barbabright


Why is our car called Barbabright? Well every famous car has a name,think about KITTHerbieGeneral Lee or De Lorean to name a few. Our car is not famous, but hey we think he is pretty awesome, so he had to have a name. Barbabright: Famous in the early 70’s, he is blue and a scientist. Yes, we are showing our age and indeed we are both scientists, wait until we shout out “Clickety click, Barba-trick!” and we morph into a different shape….

Barbabright; known from the Barbapapa books and TV series.

Back to our car, a Mitsubishi Automatic 4WD 2016 MQ Triton GLS 4WD.
This car will be used for camping and  some driving on dirts roads and beaches, we won’t be doing any hardcore 4wd-ing. We got a few extra’s on this car when we bought it:

  • Window tinting
  • Nudge bar
  • Canopy, make sure this canopy has a frame structure, and isn’t made of just fibreglass
  • Cross bars, so we can have a roof top tent

All we want to do now is to make this car even more comfortable and to go on heaps of road trips. So stay tuned for more updates.


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