JetBoil our prefered stove for hiking trips

JetBoil Zip is the cheaper sibling out of the Jetboil range and we like to take this stove on our hiking trips.


This stove is not really designed for cooking any meals, it is mainly designed to boil water. And this water boils fast! We tested the cooking times several times and the cooking time is under 3 minutes for 0.8 L of water, 0.8 L is the maximum volume which this cooker will hold.

The stove comes with gas canister stabiliser legs (the orange plastic feet), the stove, which is screwed on the gas canisters , the JetBoil cup with the protection cover and a lid. And the best thing of it all is, you can pack it up into the cup! Yes also the gas canister fits in this cup.

We use the  JetBoil and 100 gram canister on our hikes ,which is usually enough for 3 to 4 days for both of us. I know there are some hikers who prefer stoves that allow them to simmer and to cook meals, we are not such a hikers. We eat dehydrated food, instant ramen,  instant soup and some hot beverages.  Just to give you an idea, we cook the water pour it into the bag which contains our dehydrated meal and when it’s done we eat straight out of the bag. This is quick and easy and it minimises the cleanup time.

Again this stove is only used on hiking trips, when space is limited and weight is a restriction.  The efficiency of boiling water on the JetBoil means that your fuel will go a lot further and therefore we prefer this stove on our hiking trips.

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2 thoughts on “JetBoil our prefered stove for hiking trips

  1. I love my Jetboil. I have an old flash model that the striker no longer works on so I have to have a way to light it but it still burns great. Just took it on a Road Trip. I flew to NJ and drove back to CA taking the Jetboil as a carry on and it was my only cooking device for the trip home.

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