Drifta drawer system for our car

Storage can be an issue if you travel and in the past we have used plastic tubs to keep all our camping gear, clothes, food and other items organised. But now we are ready to have a storage system in our car!  After hours of internet surfing to get ideas we finally came to the conclusion that there was only one option for us, Drifta!

Drifta is company in Glouchester, NSW and they build custom designed drawer systems for any car. In  August we went down to their factory to have our drawers installed, you can have them delivered so you can do your own installation but we choose to have it done by them and to get a few other things as well.

We got the following items:

  • Storage drawer set with kitchen and a tucker box
  • A 55L water tank, which sits in the back of the tray behind the drawers.
  • A dual battery system for our fridge and lights, it comes with a power panel so that we can plug our electronic equipment in as well.
  • A fridge drop slide, so that we can access our food and drinks easy.

And a few last minute purchases were added to the list; LED lights for under the awning, which run off our dual battery system and a fold-able solar panel

We are really happy with the finished product and cannot wait until our big trip starts so that we can give it a try!

Our Drifta set-up!

4 thoughts on “Drifta drawer system for our car

  1. Looks like a great set up. I have a similar setup that is home built, but this is certainly much nicer and has far more options. As for the fridge slide, is that something they build there as well. I know Tembo Tusk makes a drop slide but this does not look like it. I would like to see more photos of the slide if you have some posted somewhere.


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