It’s been a while

I know I have been pretty slack in keeping this blog up to date and I cannot promise that I will be much better from now on but at least I will give it a go.

A lot has happened since 2 November 2016, and we have been traveling but still I didn’t post anything on this website. I didn’t want to give up on this blog but I simply couldn’t find the energy to write something. Guess what I try to say that by the end of 2016 I was emotionally run down and my energy levels where none existing. I have made some changes in my life and we as a couple have made some together.

I will not run in too many details here, but I will inform you what we have changed.

Christel is her usual self, easy going and doesn’t have too many issues, she has the approach it is as it is and I can get upset about things but that won’t cause them to change. I wish I had a bit more of this attitude!

Well and then about me, where to start? I switched jobs, which means more challenges in the actual work but less security and fewer hours. I completed my Master’s degree and I told myself not to do any study anymore. I have got my weekends back and I love this. I have started 2017 to be more active and eat healthier, which has been going OK-ish. I guess it is a different lifestyle and not a quick solution. My energy levels are gone up, I have lost some weight and I feel happier. It is still a long road but hey this is the beginning.

Together we have decided that we wanted to spend less time cleaning and maintaining the house and garden. Getting cleaners and gardeners was something we considered until we noticed a new development of apartments in Woodend. Long story short, we have bought an off the plan apartment and our house will be auctioned closer to completion day. Our commute to work will be longer but for those extra 20 minutes a day we will get more of a country life style in return.

Great Ocean Road, Victoria Australia

We have questioned ourselves what does make us happy? The following things came to our minds:

  • We would love to owe a T2 Kombi, you know one of those bay window classic Volkswagen camper vans.
  • We have decided that we want to enjoy our life more and travel more. We hope to do some in the Kombi but we also would love to explore other parts of the world.

Not every change is already in place but we are currently working on all of them and we can honestly say 2017 is the year of changes. I will get back into creating some blog posts, after all I haven’t reported anything about our road trip to Western Australia our trip back home or the exciting travel plans that we have for the end of 2017 (Mexico & Cuba).

We no longer want to postpone any of our dreams/wishes anymore with the idea we can do it later in life. Life is simply too short, you better enjoy it now!

We will go where to road will take us!


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