Epic Drives of the World, by Lonely Planet


Epic Drives of the World is for everyone who does love a good road trip! And who doesn’t like one?

Lonely Planet has compiled 50 of the world’s best road trips in a new book that includes both classic journeys and not so famous drives. The book should be something for every adventures road tripper as it covers short drives of just two days to epic road trips of weeks which are located in a lot of different parts of the world; from America, Australia and Europe, to Asia and Africa.

FullSizeRender 4

I was surprised to see six routes in Australia, and some of those are even an inspiration for us. How does the book work? It describes the route and shows stunning pictures; you can find a little summary at the end of each section which informs you how many days it would take to complete, suggestions where to stay, some sights and even some places to eat. The good thing is that these trips show all different kind of vehicles from a family car to a campervan and from a fully kitted 4wd to a classic car, so there should be some route for everyone. And if you like a route but you have done it already, no worries; you will find a suggestion of a similar route at the end of every section.

Let’s face it, this hardcover book, with its glossy pictures is more a coffee table book than a book that you would use to plan your next road trip. Nevertheless it is a great book to have and perfect to get ideas for your next road trip destination?

Now the only question is where to go next? Iceland, Utah or maybe somewhere else……..


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