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Hi, we are Christel and Chantal, a couple represented by two LEGO minifigures, both are born in the Netherlands but we currently call Australia home. We like to travel and try to explore this beautiful world as much as possible, join us during our travels.


How this website started

Early 2015 Christel got her Volkswagen Kombi LEGO packet, which was fun to assemble and had to be captured by photo. After this event we came up with the idea to combine Christel’s love for LEGO with Chantal’s hobby to take photos and post these on a blog. We are using two minifigures which resemble us, and will take these on our travels for shorter day trips as well as longer vacations.

It all started with this VW Kombi van.

We are as we call it travel rookies, since we have only travelled to a small amount of countries but that is about the change! We are fully settled in our new “home” country Australia and both hold a fulltime job, between work we try to see as much of the world as we can. Why not give up our jobs and travel fulltime? That is not us, we love to come back to our comfortable own home and have family and friends over but we also love to travel see new parts of the world and meet new people. Guess we have best of both worlds!

Us_Halong Bay
Halong Bay, Vietnam


More about Chantal More about Christel
My first international travel experience without my parents was a 10 day bus trip to Spain. I went to Greece by train on my first international trip; but I ended up in Jugoslavia instead.
Packing my bag means a packing list or two and starting days upfront. For me packing is a last minute action with those clothes that are there for grabs.
I pack always a medical kit when I travel. I would never go on a holiday without my mobile; so many things can be arranged via the internet.
Drinking a Mojito while watching the sun setting in the sea is my idea of having a nice drink on a great location. A cold beer anywhere in nature will do for me!
Our first holiday together to the Top End, Australia (Kakadu NP and Litchfield NP) is my favourite trip. Also in Australia, but to Uluru, Red Centre is my favourite holiday destination. This trip was made alone, before I met Chantal.
I have Patagonia on top of my list with places to visit. Antarctica is on top of my travel list.
My ideal vacation is a bit of glamping or budget hotels, roughing it without showers for more than 1 night, is not so much my thing. I am a fan of trekking no matter what mode of transportation, staying for extended time on one spot is less my thing.
During travelling I did have my most tasteful meals in Vietnam.

I am still a big fan of the French cuisine, so I have to say France.


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