Change of plans!

Earlier in the year, when we were making plans what to do after I had finished up my Masters degree, we decided it was time to take a step back and to travel for as many weeks as possible in our home country Australia. Plans were made for a 7.5 week long road trip to Western Australia.

The car is almost ready to go!

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Drifta drawer system for our car

Storage can be an issue if you travel and in the past we have used plastic tubs to keep all our camping gear, clothes, food and other items organised. But now we are ready to have a storage system in our car!  After hours of internet surfing to get ideas we finally came to the conclusion that there was only one option for us, Drifta!

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How much money do we need for our road trip?

Travel budget?

How much money do we need for our road trip? That is the million dollar question!

We have traveled in Australia before, but the last couple of years the duration of our Ozzie road trips was only for one to two weeks or maximum.  This upcoming road trip at the end of 2016 will be different, we will be gone for just over 7 weeks. We never considered doing a budget for a 2 week camping trip, but now we feel we should. Why? We just like to be prepared and secondly we might have another extended road trip in the future, so we might benefit from this information ourselves.

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10 Reasons why you should go camping

Top 10 reasons to go camping in Australia, or anywhere in the world!

Summer is over in Australia, and we have a some cold weeks ahead of us, excellent time to start planning your next big trip. Our big camping trip is coming up in November, which just over 6 months from now. Seven weeks on the road and many different new, exciting places to set-up our rooftop tent and explore new scenery. Below is a list why we like camping so much and we give you ten reasons why we think you should go camping:
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