Red dirt and big blue skies

That is what you will see when you visit Silverton, but there is more!

We love this little mining town, in fact the last time we did visit was less than five years ago, in October 2011.

Silverton is located 25 km North-West of Broken Hill and used to have a thriving Silver mine. This little mining town had in 1890, during the peak of mining business, a population of 3000, nowadays this town is often called a ghost town with a population around 50.

Red dirt and a big blue sky in Silverton

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Broken Hill

Driving 783 km each way for 3 nights in Broken Hill sounds crazy of many but not for us, nope, we both love a road trip. We did have three great days, were we relaxed and did see and do a lot.

Broken Hill is Australia’s longest-lived mining city, it’s orebody is amongst the world’s largest lead, silver and zinc mineral deposits. This city is know for mining and everywhere you look there is mining, parts contain mining tools, the street names contain minerals and so on. If you are not into mining, good change you do like it after visiting Broken Hill.

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Day trip to the Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains

On our last visit to Sydney we only had 2 days, 48 hours to enjoy the city and the surrounding area. This is definitely not enough time if this is your first visit to this amazing city! But what if you have only 48 hours? What are the things you need to see and do? One of the things we think you should include is a trip to the Blue Mountains!

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