Today, Saturday, we both needed to work a few extra hours. After this we decided to have a lunch at a local vineyard, where we also picked up a few bottles of nice Pinot Noir. We love buying our wines at cellar doors, to hear all the stories over their wines and we certainly will be visiting a few more. Continue reading “Cheers”


Old Castlemaine Goal

Our savings account is getting drained with all the money being spent at our new built house. This is one of the reasons that we don’t do as many, but also relatively cheap trips at this moment. Ah well, finally a good opportunity to do some more sightseeing locally, which we think is great and everyone should do this once in a while. 

This Saturday, a beautiful winter’s day we did visit the Old Castemaine Goal where we did do the guided tour for $10 p.p., which we think is money well spent. For those who want to go as a family, kids under 15 years of age are free.