What do you do with your dirty laundry while you are traveling? For us it all depends on how and where we are travelling. When we are in Asia, we usually hand our dirty clothes to a little shop’s who do your laundry. If we travel in the US or Europe, forget about giving our dirty undies to the hotel staff for laundering, since this will cost you lots of $$$. As a result, we usually end up washing socks, undies and bra’s and if we have to some shirts, in a tiny sink, in our hotel. This frustrates me, a lot of time wasted with laundry and only the smell of fresh clothes, not actually clean clothes.


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Hilton Amsterdam Airport

Located within a few minutes walk from Schiphol Airport, in fact the hotel is directly connected to Schiphol Airport, is the brand new Hilton hotel. We choose to stay in this hotel just before our recent return to Australia, because of its proximity to the airport and to avoid Monday morning rush hour on the roads.

Credit: Hilton

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Camp stretcher

A stretcher in your tent has a few benefits; first of all you are sleeping of the ground which is easier to get in and out your bed. Secondly it increases storage space within your tent by having storage space underneath your stretcher. Stretchers also have a downside due to their height (between 40 and 50 cm) and usually sloping tent walls they will not fit that easy in every tent.
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