Five is the max!

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When you go on an extended road trip, no matter what your accommodation is going to be, you need to pack your clothes. But how many clothes are you taking?

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Some of our favourite travel movies

Who doesn’t like to snuggle up on the sofa with a great movie?

Movies are one of the best mediums for inspiring travel and great for those who are nomadic at heart. From epic adventures to stunning landscapes, movies offer inspiration, and making us want to experience new cultures, to get out on the road or visit a particular place or country. Here are some of our best travel movies which might want you to pack your bags and start travelling. Below is a list of 10 travel movies, which we think are great fun to watch.


Credit: Indiewire

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Where are we in 2016?

It is the first week of the New Year, a perfect time to look ahead and see what is planned for 2016. The first half of 2016 will be major important for Chantal, who needs to finish of her Master’s degree and write her thesis. This has some impact on our travel plans but there is enough time to take a few smaller trips.

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Why do we travel?

2015 Has been a year without much travelling for us, but that is about to change. At this moment we are “back home” to spend the holiday season with the family and friends, we wonder what is the reason why we travel? Travel can be done in many different forms, it can be backpacking for a year or a couple of years, luxurious trips on cruise ships and fully organised itineraries through one or more countries at a time, a road trip or camping trip in your own country or a city trip. Below is a list of seven reasons why we like to travel.
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Why we enjoy getaways


We both hold a fulltime position, which means we work 38 hours or more a week, and some weekends we have to work extra shifts. These exhausting weeks together with all the usual stuff that you need to do in and around the house makes us sometimes a bit rundown. What do we do to keep our spirits up and motivation up? We try to enjoy as many getaways as possible, these getaways usually provides us with all the energy we do need.

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