What is the best way to get a roof top tent on your car?

Roof Top Tents (RTT) are often kept on top of vehicles and there is a good reason for doing this. These tents weight usually in access of 40 kg, and you don’t want to lift this on and off the car too often. Our RTT is a beauty, but she is heavy (61 kg) and there is no way we can lift this on top of the canopy of our ute, even if we wanted to.

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How can we travel this much?


We try to have at least two oversees holidays a year and manage to travel in Australia as well, which seems to be a lot more than our fiends and workmates. We still think it can be more, but that’s a different topic. To give you an idea how much we travel, have a look at the list below, it lists all our travel in 2015. A few of these shorter trips in Victoria were made with visiting family members. All these trips include multiple days on campgrounds or in holiday accommodation and hotels.

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Why we enjoy getaways


We both hold a fulltime position, which means we work 38 hours or more a week, and some weekends we have to work extra shifts. These exhausting weeks together with all the usual stuff that you need to do in and around the house makes us sometimes a bit rundown. What do we do to keep our spirits up and motivation up? We try to enjoy as many getaways as possible, these getaways usually provides us with all the energy we do need.

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