We don’t have a packing list since our holidays can vary between a hiking trip, road trip with or without camping or even flying within Australia or oversees and staying in hotels. If we think this is important, we will give you an update on any special gear we will be taking on that specific trip.

Flights & accommodation

skyscanner_logo   Skyscanner is a great website which allows you to compare flight prices of different airlines  or combination of airlines over a specific time frame or over an extended period.


Expedia is a great comparison website for flights, hotels and holidays. It is not as user friendly as it’s competitor but it has some amazing deals for holiday packages.

Booking iPhone (0)

We use to book our short term accommodation. Usually you can pay at arrival and there is no cancelation fee involved if cancelled 24 hrs prior to arrival.


Rome2Rio is a website which will provide you with different routes and different transport modes to travel between any city, town, landmark, attraction or address across the globe. But that is not all! It will also provides you with the costs involved for each different option, we love this website!


All the photos of these 2 minifigures are taken by Panasonic DMC-TZ70 or Panasonic DMC-FT5.

Social media including this blog is updated via an Imac. During travels we update our pages via an Ipad , which is not ideal for updating this site, but very handy to take with us.


Overall we will be using just two different LEGO minifigures, which are resembling us, all photos with these minifigures are original, sometimes we use an instagram filter. We might use fishing line, Blu Tack or little sticks to assist us with our photography but that is all. No digital editing is done at any time!


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