How can we travel this much?


We try to have at least two oversees holidays a year and manage to travel in Australia as well, which seems to be a lot more than our fiends and workmates. We still think it can be more, but that’s a different topic. To give you an idea how much we travel, have a look at the list below, it lists all our travel in 2015. A few of these shorter trips in Victoria were made with visiting family members. All these trips include multiple days on campgrounds or in holiday accommodation and hotels.

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Why do we travel?

2015 Has been a year without much travelling for us, but that is about to change. At this moment we are “back home” to spend the holiday season with the family and friends, we wonder what is the reason why we travel? Travel can be done in many different forms, it can be backpacking for a year or a couple of years, luxurious trips on cruise ships and fully organised itineraries through one or more countries at a time, a road trip or camping trip in your own country or a city trip. Below is a list of seven reasons why we like to travel.
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Last day!

We did have another relaxing day which we did enjoy even more since our holiday had almost come to an end. We are normally not the kind of people who do so little sightseeing during a holiday but this time it was simply needed. We are both busy at work with quite a few weekends were we need to work as well, 7 day weeks are a killer. Chantal has roughly 1 year left to finish her part-time Master’s degree and on top of that we will be moving into our new home which is currently under construction. So as you can see crazy times ahead for us.

Last day at the pool.
Last day at the pool.

All of this is the reason that we having this type of holiday and we must admit, we love it! Great thing is since we booked this so early, we managed to get a really good deal via expedia, the few other Aussies we spoke to all paid more! Bonus! A well time to enjoy the pool one more time and after that last night dinner in a nice restaurant.

Everywhere you look you see these amazing Kombi vans.
Last night, last ice cream on the beach.


In the beautiful waters surrounding Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan. The sun was harsh so we had to protect ourselves well, but that did not stop us! We had an awesome day in and on the water. We are really happy that we booked a organised snorkeling tour and enjoyed every single moment. A big plus is traveling in off peak season, not many tourists and lower prices!

Relaxing after all that snorkeling .


What a great day to do a tour.